As of December 31, 2016, BRP owned approximately 10 million mineral acres in 31 states. While the vast majority of the 10 million acres remain largely undeveloped, BRP currently has 55 mineral leases and has an active program to identify additional opportunities to lease its minerals to operating parties.

BRP’s hard mineral royalty and other assets include nearly 95,000 net mineral acres of coal rights (primarily lignite and some bituminous coal) in the Gulf Coast region, of which approximately 4,800 acres are leased in Louisiana, Alabama and Texas. In addition, BRP owns copper rights in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that are subject to a development agreement with a copper development company. BRP also holds various other mineral rights including coalbed methane, metals, aggregates, water and geothermal, in several states throughout the United States.

BRP has various mineral rights for lease encompassing oil and gas prospects, coal and coal bed methane rights, metals and various other minerals and water rights. If you wish to talk to BRP about leasing any of these minerals rights or to see what we have available, please contact For any surface owners that would like to purchase our mineral rights underlying their surface, please complete this form and fax the information to the number included.