Soda Ash (Ciner)

Soda Ash: Ciner Wyoming

Natural Resource Partners owns a 49 percent interest in Ciner Wyoming LLC, the operator of a trona ore mining operation and a soda ash refinery in the Green River Basin of Wyoming.

Ciner Wyoming is one of the largest and lowest cost producers of soda ash in the world. All soda ash produced at the site is sold through a Ciner-affiliated sales agent to domestic and European customers and to American Natural Soda Ash Corp. for export. Trona, a naturally occurring soft mineral is processed into soda ash, which is used in a variety of consumer goods, including glass (48%), chemicals (30%), soap (5%), and paper. Soda ash consumption tends to increase in proportion to population and gross domestic product growth rates.

The Green River Basin in Wyoming holds the largest and one of the highest purity known deposits of trona ore in the world. Based upon current production rates and proven and probable reserves reported by Ciner, the reserve life of Ciner Wyoming LLC assets is about 60 years.