Management Team

Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.
CEO and Chairman of the Board

Craig W. Nunez
President and COO

Christopher J. Zolas
Chief Financial Officer

Kevin J. Craig
Executive Vice President

James A. Low

Philip T. Warman
General Counsel and Secretary

Sarah W. Watson
Chief Sustainability and Administrative Officer

Gregory F. Wooten
Senior VP, Chief Engineer


At NRP we seek sustainable practices, partnerships, and opportunities that promote responsible use of our natural resource assets, benefit our local communities, support employee well-being, and drive long-term value for our stakeholders. NRP owns mineral interests and other rights that are leased to companies engaged in the extraction of minerals. NRP does not mine, drill, or produce minerals, has no operations, and conducts business solely in an office environment of approximately 41,000 square feet in Houston, Texas and Huntington, West Virginia. With a relatively small workforce of just over 50 employees, our direct greenhouse (GHG) emissions impact is negligible.

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We are committed to conducting business in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and in a manner that protects our natural environment and the safety and well-being of our employees and communities.

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We believe all individuals are entitled to courtesy, dignity, and respect, and we support a culture of integrity and personal and professional growth. We are strong leaders within our community, and we seek to uphold a positive presence in all areas where we live and work.

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We apply high ethical, moral, and legal principles in every aspect of business conduct and consider our reputation for fairness, honesty, and integrity to be a core tenet of how we do business.

Sustainability Statements

Board of Directors

Presiding Director

In accordance with the rules of the New York Stock Exchange, NRP has designated the Chairman of the Compensation, Nominating and Governance (“CNG”) Committee to preside at regularly scheduled meetings of the non-management directors.

Communications with the Non-Management Directors

We have established procedures for contacting the non-management members of the NRP Board of Directors. To report any complaints about NRP accounting, auditing matters or other concerns to the non-management directors, you may do so by calling the confidential toll-free NRP Hotline at 1-888-252-2396 or write to the Board.

Chairman of the CNG Committee
NRP Board of Directors
1415 Louisiana Street
Suite 3325
Houston, TX 77002

Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.
CEO and Chairman of the Board

Galdino J. Claro

Paul B. Murphy

Richard A. Navarre
Conflicts Committee Chairman1,2,3,4

Corbin J. Robertson III

Stephen P. Smith
Audit Committee Chairman1,2,3

Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.
Compensation, Nominating and Governance (CNG) Committee Chairman1,3,4

Committees: [1] Independent [2] Audit [3] Compensation, Nominating and Governance (CNG) [4] Conflicts

Corporate Governance

Natural Resource Partners L.P. is committed to sound principles of corporate governance.

The Corporate Governance Guidelines, the Committee Charters, the Code of Conduct and Ethics and the Insider Trading Policy provide the framework for the Partnership’s corporate governance. NRP has also listed, on this site, other agreements that may be of interest to its unitholders and the general public. When viewing the Partnership Agreement, please read both the Partnership Agreement and the Amendment to the Partnership Agreement together.

As part of our core values, integrity and honesty play a key role in how we conduct our business. Should you suspect any unethical behavior please contact the confidential, toll-free NRP Hotline at 1-888-252-2396 or any one of the non-management members of the NRP Board of Directors.

1415 Louisiana Street, Suite 3325
Houston, TX 77002

Documents & Agreements

Natural Resource Partners L.P.

Natural Resource Partners L.P. is a diversified natural resource company that owns, manages and leases a diversified portfolio of properties in the United States, including coal, industrial minerals and other natural resources, as well as rights to conduct carbon sequestration and renewable energy activities. In addition, NRP owns an equity investment in Sisecam Wyoming LLC, one of the world’s lowest-cost producers of soda ash.

NRP is headquartered in Houston, TX.